5 of the Most Exciting Things to Do in Wayne NJ

Looking for the best things to do in Wayne? When you’re in New Jersey it’s definitely worth visiting this exciting town, even if just for a few quick visits to some of its best venues. You’ll find the following locations to be more than worth your while.


  1. Visit the Thomas Edison National Historical Park


This is a venue you don’t want to miss whenever you’re in Wayne. The park showcases the historical contributions of Thomas Edison, acclaimed inventor and one of the most brilliant scientists ever born in the United States.


You can visit the park, watch the introductory films about Edison’s life and contributions, look through many of his original prototypes, and visit the local gift shop to find memorable souvenirs. The Thomas Edison Park is a must-see attraction, and it won’t fail to keep you fascinated for hours.


  1. Great Fun with Your Kids at the Turtle Back Zoo


Your children will LOVE the Turtle Back Zoo, and visiting it should definitely be on your list of the most

exciting things to do in Wayne NJ. The zoo has plenty of places that are great for both kids and adults, so you can have a lot of fun here with the entire family.  You can also find fun places to paint some of the different animals.


Featuring a fascinating collection of large cats that include leopards, lions, cougars and snow leopards, it also boasts a welcoming and edgy design that will keep your kids interested. The best thing about the zoo is that you can keep going back to it every time you visit Wayne NJ again with your family, and it will never get dull.


  1. A Memorable Experience at the Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park


If you love nature, you’re going to be thrilled to see the beauty of the Paterson Historical Park. Here the Great Falls are worth visiting in an of themselves, offering a remarkable view all-year-round and most especially in the wintertime, when its majestic vertical rocks are covered in ice. This is not only a sight to behold for visitors, but also an excellent opportunity for photographers.


The Paterson Museum is also worth checking out if you’re in the area, and it offers an interesting experience, especially when it comes to learning about the history of the Falls.


  1. Have a Blast at the Kid-Friendly Amazing Escape Room


Another place worth visiting is the Amazing Escape Room, which is praised by both locals and visitors alike. The venue is a lot of fun and 100% child-friendly, so you can visit it any time and take your kids along for the ride.


The escape experience is not too scary or difficult, but it will still give you a few worthy challenges to face. The rooms are elaborate, so you’ll definitely have to use your brain to be able to escape, but despite the serious problem-solving, it is still very much appropriate for people of all ages.


  1. A Relaxing Visit at the South Mountain Reservation


The South Mountain Reservation will provide you with a unique and tranquil experience. It has everything from great picnic and camping spots to tastefully arranged, well-organized recreational areas and a few challenging hiking trails.


The reservation is close to the Turtle Back Zoo, so it can offer a great pastime for the entire family, especially if you consider visiting both venues. Also, large McLoone’s restaurant featuring a beautifully arranged patio and a great lakeside view will definitely be worth a look.