Are Storage Units A Profitable Investment?

public storage Greenwood

Cargo units are principally used for transporting goods, but the large, sturdy, strong boxes have many other uses that make them profitable investments. Made from high-quality steel panels welded on strong steel frames and fitted with hinged doors, storage units are designed to transport huge weights, but can be used for various purposes. Here are some examples, but before you start shopping for the right containers, check your local building codes to see the related legal requirements.

Residential Areas

Public storage Greenwood units range in size from 5 x 10 feet, similar to the size of a walk-in closet to 20 x 20, about the size of a garage capable of accommodating two cars. The sturdy boxes are suitable for creating affordable residential buildings – the individual containers can be joined to form larger rooms and multiple levels can also be created by placing the boxes one on top of the other. Container buildings can be customized with drywall and siding panels to conceal the industrial-looking surfaces of the containers and they allow for very creative design and architectural solutions. Utilities can also be added safely.

Beside affordability, using cargo containers for residential purposes comes with another benefit: the boxes make the construction very easy and lighting-quick.

Retail Buildings

Using storage units for retail purposes, such as for opening boutiques or other types of specialized shops is also becoming increasingly popular these days. Cargo units are suitable for creating small shops that fit into one container as well as large facilities, through joining multiple units. The features that make cargo containers such a profitable choice for retail facilities are the same as the benefits of using them for residential purposes: quick construction and low costs.

Eateries, Diners and Bistros

Storage units work great as informal places that serve food. You can even transform the units, making their walls mobile to add a pleasant customer area from spring through fall.


If you need comfortable, easily customizable, low cost offices for your personnel, storage units make an excellent choice. Storage units are also suitable for enlarging your existing office space by adding as many rooms as you want outside your existing office building.

Garages and Workshops

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast, looking for a cheap way to have your own space to pursue your hobby or a professional mechanic looking for an affordable way to have your own garage or to extend your existing garage, storage units are great options.

Gyms and Swimming Pools

Choosing some sturdy, refurbished containers and using them to build gym is a great, low-cost way to start your business. You can also use a large container to create a small swimming pool – the solution allows you even to skip excavation, you can create a pool accessible with stairs.

Final Thoughts

The convenience, the affordability and the versatility offered by public storage Greenwood units makes them very popular these days, so be prepared that the demand for them is very high. Fortunately, cargo units of various sizes are readily available from more and more companies and many of them also offer free shipping, especially for larger orders.