Colorado Wedding Invitations And Wedding Stationary – A Small Guide

What should you know before choosing your wedding invitations?

Similarly to choosing the wedding dress, ordering wedding invitations can give real headaches to the bride. The first impression lasts forever and the design of the wedding invitations must reveal the concept around which revolves the entire event. Not to mention the fact that the invitation will remain forever in the photo album that the bride and the groom will review over the years.  Call a wedding planning Denver company to help you plan your wedding sucessfully.

Things to consider when choosing wedding invitations

In Colorado, wedding invitations can be bought from special stores or ordered online. However, before choosing them, here are some important things to keep in mind.

  • Know the number of your guests, which determines the number of the ordered invitations (for couples, you can send one invitation)
  • Always make a few extra invitations, just in case that you forgot about someone
  • Determine the best time to order the invitations, considering that you should send them to your guests a couple of months before the event in order to receive the confirmations in good time
  • Wedding invitations not only offer technical information about your wedding but also reveal the theme of the event. Typically, every place where you can order wedding invitations allows you to choose from a variety of themes or collections
  • Know your budget. It is important to avoid losing precious time looking for something that costs more than you can afford. Remember that less is more and often the simplest things are the best.


Your Day!

Wedding invitations come with some accessories that complete the concept and wrap everything into a fairytale aura: envelopes, ribbons, thank you cards etc. These may be ordered together with the wedding invitations or separately if there is a specific design that you want.  Select what best suits you as the bride –

The text on the wedding invitation

The text of the invitations may be customized with different font types and written in different styles: funny, original, official or simply classical. According to your own taste, the invitation can consist of a simple text written on a white piece of cardboard or having any other intricate and creative design.

You will surely want to create your own text, but remember to check it several times for errors. It is not a bad idea to also ask someone else to read it before you give it to the store that will print your invitations; the last thing you want is to find errors when the wedding invitations are already printed.

Besides the main text, remember to include a phone number, an email address and a deadline to confirm the participation.

How to order your wedding invitations

In Colorado, wedding invitations can be ordered from various places: stationary shops, printing shops, online stores or handmade creators. The last two options are a bit more expensive, but typically the price varies according to the complexity of the design and customizable features.

When should you send the invitations?

When you send the invitations to your wedding, remember to consider that people prefer to know in advance about these events, in order to be able to clear their schedules and make the necessary arrangements. Ideally, the invitations should be sent 2-3 months before the wedding.