Driving Classes in Orange County – Basic Facts You May Want to Know

Putting trust into a driving school and a driving instructor is a big decision, but with the driving schools and driving classes in Orange County you cannot go wrong: local schools are renowned for providing the best classroom and behind-the-wheel training, so with their help you or your loved one can become an excellent driver faster than you would say “driver’s license”.

Why Enroll into a Driving Course

Most states across the US require those who want to obtain a driver’s license to participate in some sort of official driver’s training. Formerly, the practical part of the driving course could be handled by a friend or a family member of the student driver, but nowadays official training by an accredited driving school is a prerequisite of obtaining the license and so is the passing of the theoretic and the practical test.

Who Can Go to a Driving School

Anyone over the age of 15 and a half. The driver’s license can be obtained only after the student turns 16, but there is no reason why people who are just a few months younger than the age limit could not enroll into a driving school to start classroom training, that’s why many driving schools in Orange County offer specialized driving schools for teens.

Other age groups can also benefit from specialized courses – some schools focus on senior students, while others offer specialized courses for middle-aged learners.

It is not only first-time learners who can turn to driving schools. People who already have a driver’s license, but lack the experience to start driving in heavy traffic can also benefit from the services of local schools and drive around in the vehicle provided by the school of choice, under the supervision of an experienced instructor until they gain the necessary experience to start driving on their own.

The Process of Obtaining the Driver’s License

pass driving test signDriving courses are composed of two modules: a 20 or 30-hour long in-classroom course, where students learn about driving regulations, about the rules they must observe on the road to be able to drive in a safe and responsible manner and behind-the-wheel training. Many driving schools offer the possibility to replace the in-classroom module with online learning, giving students access to online training materials and tests. Both modules end in testing – at the end of the theoretical training, students must take a written test that evaluates their knowledge related to road rules, driving safety, basic vehicle maintenance, defensive driving, the special measures to take in order to ensure driving in extreme weather conditions and various other, driving-related aspects, while the behind-the-wheel phase concludes in a practical test. Students who pass both tests receive a certificate of completion that they can use to obtain the official driver’s license.


Learning how to drive or practicing driving is easy and enjoyable with professional driving classes in Orange County – local instructors are experienced not only in driving, but in teaching as well, so if you want to receive the best training, you are in the best place here.