How to Select the Right Size for Your Storage Unit Budget

As you probably know already, size is a big factor when it comes to determining how to manage the costs of renting a storage unit. While a smaller unit might cost less, it could be more challenging to fit everything inside. A larger unit might have too much space, so you’d essentially be paying for empty space, instead of covering the costs of what you really need.

Finding that sweet spot, where you are paying the optimal amount of money for the ideal amount of space can be tricky. However, you’ll find that there are ways of doing that, as long as you know in advance what fits and what doesn’t fit in the storage container you’d like to rent.

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A General Size Guide on Choosing Storage Units

When it comes to storage units in Killeen TX, size does indeed matter. Knowing how to choose the right size for your storage containers can mean the difference between overspending and keeping within your budget. Fortunately, following just a few simple tips on selecting the right size for your storage units can help you save a lot of money and avoid the hassle of having to choose a different unit once you’ve already paid for one.

Consider the following examples to see how a certain size for your new unit might have a particular significance relative to what you need:

  • The smallest available size is typically 5×5 feet. If you have a few extra boxes or relatively small items such as coffee makers, lamps or anything that would fit into a small closet, this is the right size for you.
  • 5×15 and 10×10 units are ideal for storing the contents of small, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments.
  • If you have a large, 3-room apartment or a small house, then a 10×15 foot unit might be ideal for what you require. These units can hold full dining room sets, living room furniture and even large instruments like pianos and drum sets.

Anything over 10×15 is typically recommended for people who want to store vehicles small and large, as well as other large pieces of furniture or equipment. There are many reasons why you might want one of these units, and you’ll find that many of them also come with advanced features such as hi-tech security and large vehicle parking spaces.

Why You Might Need the Largest Storage Units Available

The largest storage units that are typically available have about 300 square feet. These 10×30 foot units can be used quite easily for storing large vehicles such as trucks and buses, as well as boats, snowmobiles or just about anything else you might have in mind.

If you plan to move across the country to a new home, this unit can also be used to house all the contents of a large home, for when you plan to settle in. Also, a 10×30 unit might be a lot more expensive than your typical storage container, but it will offer everything you’re looking for if you truly have a need for larger than average storage spaces.