The Most Critical and Important Questions to Ask Your Local Movers

Real estate experts will typically tell you that it’s a good idea to start looking for a moving company 6-7 weeks before your actual move. Now, that should give you plenty of time to find a reliable Arvada moving company whom you can trust, and will provide you with a fair bargain.

However, aside from asking about the price, you’ll find there are a few other equally important (if not more so) questions that you might want to ask professional moving company Arvada customer service reps regarding their moving policies, insurance, and procedures.

How Should I Go About Packing Any Fragile or Valuable Items I Own?

One of the major issues when moving to a new place has to do with the safe transportation of fragile and valuable items, such as vases, musical instruments, jewelry and sensitive electronic equipment. Any company you hire should be able to give you good advice on how to wrap up, package and prepare these items for a long and potentially bumpy ride.

They should be able to tell you about how you should place them among your other furniture and belongings, what type of wrapping paper or bubble wrap to use, how to secure any moving parts, and even how to keep them on the down low, in the event that burglars might find their way to your belongings while they’re in storage or even in the moving van.

What Is Your Insurance Policy for Lost, Damaged or Stolen Items?

This is probably the most important question you can ask your movers. Depending on what you have around the house, asking your moving company whether or not their insurance policy can defend your interests is a very important question, since you need to have a plan in case something goes wrong.

Weather problems, thieves and even a bumpier countryside road can sometimes lead to items being stolen or damaged, or an item might even be left behind or misplaced by mistake. If that happens, you have to know that your movers will have your back.

How Long Will the Move Take?

This is a typical, standard question that you have to ask regardless of who you hire for the move. Knowing how long the move will take will help you organize everything and plan your itinerary. It will also give you a chance to negotiate, for example, by asking for a price reduction if you can bring your own men to help carry your heavier furniture to and from your home.

Most movers will welcome the extra help, and they might even be able to help coordinate the move so that, with the added muscles, you can have all the tasks completed ahead of schedule.

moving company Arvada professionals can help streamline your moving day

What Additional Services Do You Offer?

A lot of the time, moving services might be able to bring additional offers to the table, putting you in touch with other services that they or their partners might be able to offer. For instance, you might need a cleaning company, an interior decorator or a contractor to help you with minor renovations once you get to your new home.

In most cases, an experienced team of movers will have the connections to help you find the other services you need, and they’ll also have the initiative to provide you with a discount, just because you went to them first.