What Are the Advantages of Using Executive Headhunters?

Finding the right talent for executive positions is essential for ensuring the success of the entire organization – any failure can lead to increased turnover rates, decreased productivity and compromised work processes. Personnel changes at the top level of the organization are always sensitive situations that require a special approach and are usually difficult to handle even by companies that have solid and efficient recruitment processes in place for employees that occupy non-executive positions.

There are many ways to find executive employees – organizations can choose to promote one of their existing employees, they can advertise their opening on job board or they can turn to executive recruiters to ensure that the leadership position is filled by someone who has the right type of experience and qualification and can also integrate into the company’s culture. Here are some of the major benefits of working with executive headhunters.

Fast Filling of Sensitive Positions

In most cases, company departments cannot operate efficiently for too long without having someone in charge, therefore executive recruitment is usually a time-sensitive process. Executive recruiters are aware that every day that a key position is unfilled costs the employee lots of money, therefore they will leverage all their knowledge of your industry segment to identify, to approach and to pre-evaluate candidates for you.

Only the Right Candidate

Having an unsuitable person in a leadership position can be even more damaging than having the position unfilled. Executive recruiters have very solid processes in place to evaluate talents and to pick the candidates that are the most suitable for your requirements.

They Extend Their Search to Passive Candidates

Executive headhunters usually have an extensive data base of passive candidates – people who are currently employed in high profile positions and are not actively seeking for a new job. Your headhunter firm can contact such people for you, thus extending the range of potentially great candidates for your opening.

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Experience in Recruiting for Positions that Require Technical Skills

Recruiting an IT manager or a production manager should involve not only checking the candidate’s credentials and interviewing the candidate about general topics – the candidate’s actual professional knowledge also needs to be tested. Preparing the right types of tests is a lengthy process that requires specialized knowledge – fortunately, executive headhunters can take over that process as well.

Thorough Background Checks

The agencies that recruit for high-profile positions usually do more than just interview and test candidates – they will also examine the candidate’s credentials and will take the time to verify the information in the candidate’s resume for accuracy. The agency will check the degrees mentioned by the candidates as well as the candidates’ employment history, paying special attention to the reasons why the candidate decided to change jobs in the past. As a result, the candidates that the key decision makers in your company will meet will surely be persons that have the right type of knowledge, the right type of professional experience and the right type of personality for integrating into your company and for contributing to your organization’s success.