What is a Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor?

It is essential to properly plan and implement the entire merger or acquisition (M&A) process. Proper, successful planning and implementation can only be achieved through collaboration with tax and financial experts. The teams of consultants are ready to support your strategic business decisions, by providing services in the fields of:

  • Tax and financial due diligence
  • Tax and financial structuring of transactions
  • Complete tax and financial assistance during the acquisition process of a company or groups of companies
  • Mergers, divisions and reorganizations
  • Post-transaction consulting / implementation services
  • Transfer prices

M&A advisors offer all legal consulting services necessary for the parties intending to carry out a Merger or Acquisition process. Long experience is definitely an advantage and includes sales contracts, shares (transactions with share capital) and acquisitions of assets or business transfer contracts (active transactions). These specialists provide consulting and assistance services at every stage of the project, from the preparation of legal audit reports to structuring, drafting the necessary documentation and negotiating all relevant aspects of the transaction.

M&A advisors

A mergers and acquisitions advisor is with the client step by step, from the initial stages of establishment of the company, during the organization and development activity, and up to mergers, acquisitions and takeovers.

They are reliable partners who have all the capabilities necessary to address any challenges that may arise over time. Customers can count on their interests being protected and their results – delivered quickly and efficiently. Mergers and acquisitions advisor are always focused on the careful assessment of the risks and of each situation so as to get the best results for customers. As top experts in designing transaction structures that work for all parties involved, they understand the importance of time invested in a transaction and therefore strive for the transactions to be completed as soon as possible.

The competencies of mergers and acquisitions advisors include a comprehensive understanding and a practical, pragmatic approach of legal institutions combined with a detailed knowledge of the business environment. The fact that mergers and acquisitions advisors understand your business and the economic sectors involved allows them to offer you personalized legal advice. The support services offered are designed based on the specific needs of the clients, and supported by the dedicated and personalized attention and concern with which each project is treated.

Dedicated teams of lawyers specialized in Mergers and Acquisitions provide ongoing assistance on a wide range of issues of legal interest – actually on all legal aspects of the transactions with private equity funds and strategic investors, including authorization and compliance issues.

Legal aid services are also offered to investment funds with venture capital, on fund formation issues and investment management.

These specialists are dedicated to providing legal support as well as the best solutions in terms of quality, efficient and oriented, customized for your business. The focus is on providing the clients with relevant legal advice from a professional business perspective, in relationship based on support and transparency.