When Do You Outsource Your Hiring Of Behavioral Health Professionals?

Mental Health Recruitment And Outsourcing

Finding good behavioral health professionals to hire is a challenge for any company and can be an extremely difficult and time-consuming activity. There are situations where internal human resource costs can be very high, and thus organizations consider outsourcing the recruitment services to a specialized agency.


When it is advisable to outsource the hiring process?

  1. The company`s employees do not have enough time to recruit for active jobs.
  2. Behavioral health professional is a specific job and there may be problems finding the right candidate.
  3. Managers expect specific qualities from the new employee so they turn to a recruitment agency to ensure that the new addition to their team will be exactly the specialist they need.
  4. The job vacancy was publicly announced, but there are not enough applications.
  5. There is no HR specialist inside the company, and outsourcing is more cost-effective than hiring one.


When you decide to outsource your mental health recruitment professionals, take into account the following aspects:


Ask recommendations about the recruiting agency you plan to hire. Read online references about it and consider, as a manager, indicators of its professionalism; one of them is that the agency is listed on the first page in searches engines when you type relevant key words. Set up an appointment with the HR manager to decide if the provided services are right for your business. Explain very precisely the qualities that you expect from the behavioral health professional you want to hire.

Recruiting agency fees

In general, you will pay for exactly what services you have requested. There will be an advance payment and then the actual recruitment starts. The rest of the money is paid when you sign the employment offer. There are also recruiters who prefer to be paid according to the success of their recruitment project.


Advantages of hiring a recruiting agency:

– When you pay in advance, the agency will have to prioritize finding the professional you look for

– Recruiting agencies benefit from the expertise of contracted HR specialists that far exceed the resources of HR departments. They have a broader view of jobs and employment trends.

– Costs are lower than hiring a HR specialist inside your company. You save the cost of recruiting and testing the candidate for the HR specialist position, as well as the legal fees that must be paid. The payment for a recruitment agency can be equated with more HR employee salaries.

– Networking – Recruiting companies have databases with resumes and tested candidates, being easy for them to identify and eliminate those who, for various reasons, are not suitable for the behavioral health professional job in your company.

– Retention – The references you get about a recruiting agency represent its business card. The best agencies work with highly competitive HR specialists who have high retention rates of the candidates they recommended to different companies; as such, it is safe to say that hiring a behavioral healthcare professional through a recruitment agency will have a positive impact on your profit.