Why Should A Business Use A Customized Event Tent?

Event tents customized with corporate logos are excellent, affordable marketing tools for promoting brand awareness, for attracting the attention of new customers and for setting your business apart from the competition. There are various great ways to customize your event tent – you can add your logo on the tent top as well as to the walls, you can use the interior and the exterior sides of the tent walls to display your promotional offers, you can use branded furniture inside the tent and you can also use hanging decorations or even flat screens to add even more personality to your event tent. Here are the benefits of using a customized event tent.

An Affordable Way to Represent Your Business

Customized event tents range in price from several hundreds of dollars to several thousands, depending on the custom elements, the type and the size of the tent. Canopy tents that consist only of support poles and a canopy top are usually the cheapest and simplest type, but several other, more complex tent types are also available. Whatever the type and the size, though, an event tent that carries your company logo and other, important corporate information, such as your mission statement, your motto and your contact details is a one-time investment that allows you to use your tent for a long time, to participate at many events, such as trade fairs, expositions, community and sporting events or street fairs.

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Attracting New Customers

Decorating your event tent with a well-designed, attractive and informative logo, accompanied with relevant text is a great way to captivate the attention of the event’s visitors. Try to use your logo design consistently throughout the tent’s components – you can add it to the top of your tent, to the walls and you can also use logo components and colors on your tent furniture to create a harmonious and attractive overall appearance, but avoid overcrowding the overall looks.

The Opportunity to Use Other Promotional Materials More Comfortably

Event custom tents will provide the safe space, protected from the elements, that your team needs to be able to distribute other promotional materials, such as leaflets, brochures and catalogs comfortably, without having to worry that the wind takes the material or the rain soaks them.

Great Opportunities for Great Presentations

Your event tent can also serve as an excellent venue for making presentations about your products and services. Even the smallest tent can be fitted with seating to invite customers to listen to your presentations and the tents are also great for offering interested visitors samples of your products.

Easy Usability

Customized event tents are easy to store and easy to use. Most tent manufactures also offer storage bags made from durable material and fitted with handles to make storage and transport equally easy and modern tents feature designs that make them easy and safe to install anywhere. The walls and the top of event tents are resistant to water, fire and high winds and they are not sensitive to cold or heat, so they can be used in any geographical area, the entire year around.