Why Should I Consider Having My Landscaper Incorporate Stamped Concrete?

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If you are a homeowner looking for landscaping solutions that are not only spectacular but also very durable, stamped concrete should definitely be on your list of the solutions to incorporate. Here are some features of the structures made from the material that you should know about and that should convince you that your landscaper was right when they recommended the solution to you.

What is stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete is a pavement solution that uses concrete colored or stained and stamped with a special tool to create the desired patterning and texture. Stamped concrete structures are often designed in a way to resemble natural stone, brick veneer, tiles or even natural wood, sometimes being replicas that are so successful that the onlooker won’t even notice that the structure is in fact made from concrete.

Endless Design Opportunities

Whether you decide to have a stamped concrete structure made with the method of pouring the colored concrete and stamping it with special devices or you opt for assembling your structure using prefabricated panels, the choice of colors is seemingly endless and the textures and patterns available are also extremely varied. Stamped concrete can be used for creating pavement that is uniform in coloring as well as pavement areas that feature a variety of colors to make the structure resemble natural materials more closely.

Outstanding Durability

Concrete is one of the most durable and most resistant materials used in construction today, which also means that you will be able to benefit from that extreme durability with your stamped concrete structures as well. If your stamped concrete structure is installed properly, the surface will be able to stand up to harsh weather as well as to the pressure caused by furnishing items and you can be sure that your concrete pathway will be unaffected by heavy traffic.

Very Low Maintenance Needs

According to stamped concrete Parker specialists, stamped concrete requires hardly any maintenance, other than occasional cleaning with a blower or a broom or some quick washing with the help of your garden hose. Some varieties require their owner to apply a sealant every couple of years to restore the smoothness of the surface and to prevent any crumbling, but the application of that sealant will be the most complex maintenance work you will be ever required to perform on your concrete surface.

Quick And Easy Installation

It is recommended to hire a professional concrete installation company for the process of laying your stamped concrete pathway or patio, but you can expect the process to be fairly quick, even if the installation involves a certain amount of excavation work, too. In most cases, the installation of complex surface is takes a maximum of a couple of days, not more.

Outstanding Appearance Without Outstanding Costs

Stamped concrete is suitable for creating surfaces that resemble much more expensive, natural materials, but without involving the high costs that make natural stone, brick or wood pavements out of reach for many people. If you also calculate with the extreme durability and low maintenance needs of the material, you will see that the overall ownership costs off your stamped concrete structure are very low, indeed.