An Overview Of The Services Provided By Baltimore Veterinarians

There are many centers in Baltimore that offer veterinary care and that can be found under different names: veterinary clinics, animal hospitals, veterinary care centers etc. Regardless of their name, all of them have features and services to help their clients keep their pets as healthy as possible, with year-round preventive and emergency care. Of course, different facilities may provide different services and specialists (small animal vets, veterinary surgical specialists etc.), so make sure to contact a veterinary center and find out exactly what can it do for your pet. Do not wait until you need medical services because it is always better to be prepared for such situations.

Standard veterinary services provided by Baltimore veterinarians

Preventive care is something that every medical veterinary center offers to promote the overall health of pets. It is typically offered through parasite control, periodic vaccination, routine check-ups, comprehensive examinations, dental care, behavioral and nutritional counseling.

Through a holistic approach, preventive care allows specialists to partner with their clients and early diagnose and better treat sometimes serious, costly and even fatal diseases.

Treatment of various illnesses

A Baltimore vet clinic typically treats a variety of pet illnesses, from the most common infections and isolated acute illnesses, to longer-term conditions.

Acute illnesses include minor gastrointestinal problems, dehydration, bacterial infections, viral infections, internal and external parasite infections, allergies, skin conditions, ingested toxins, upper respiratory illness etc. These acute illnesses typically require special medication, antibiotics, fluids and sometimes pain killers and dietary changes, as well as temporary monitoring.

As about chronic conditions, they are persistent and sometimes they do not have a cure, so the provided medical services are mainly focused on managing them with medications and treatments, in order to control symptoms and improve the life quality of the animal. Chronic conditions may include chronic allergies, obesity, arthritis, thyroid disease, heart disease, diabetes, periodontal disease, chronic pain etc. Treatment typically consists of medications, dietary and lifestyle changes, pain management and periodical monitoring.

General surgery is another service offered by most Baltimore veterinarians: sometimes it is just about simple procedures such as wound care, basic orthopedic procedures, neutering and spaying, mass removals and dental procedures, but reputable animal hospitals that work with specialists and are properly equipped for this, also offer complex veterinary pre-surgical and surgical procedures.

Besides the standard veterinary services, first-class medical veterinary centers properly equipped with up-to-date medical tools and specialists, also offer other services such as:

  • In-House Lab (enabling faster results on crucial tests and quicker diagnose)
  • In-House Pharmacy
  • High-Speed Dental Equipment
  • Digital X-Ray Machines

Emergency care

These services are provided by those medical veterinary centers fully equipped with veterinary intensive care units and personnel trained to provide emergency care, and include: stabilization, testing, fluid therapy, quick treatment and care for different situations (infections, accidents, seizures, breathing issues, urinating problems etc.), pain control and referrals to specialty facilities. Specialists in veterinarian emergency services and critical care are trained vets who graduated a College of Veterinary Medicine and also have some additional years of advanced training in critical care medicine and surgery.