How Expensive Is A Full Windshield Replacement?

What Is The Cost of Windshield ReplacementComplete windshield replacement is surely costly, but the exact amount that you will have to pay depends on multiple factors – here are some.

The Complexity of the Features

Simple windshields made from safety glass only, without any special coating, such as reflective coating and without any special technical features, such as integrated sensors and detectors, obviously cost less and are more easily available than complex windshields with components that need to be calibrated to work with the car’s computer or windshields that feature multiple layers of special coating. The most common features available with complex windshields include rain sensors, condensation sensors, heating in the wiper park area, heating for the entire windshield, sensors for the forward collision alert and the lane departure warning system, the availability of the windshield third visor, the shade band and nowadays you can also find solar-controlled windshields that get dark in sunshine to block out the sun’s rays, keeping the cabin cooler. All these components and extra features add to the price of the windshield.

Factory-Built or Aftermarket

The windshields made by Original Equipment Manufacturers are usually 40-60% more expensive than aftermarket windshields. While some experts are of the opinion that the OEM windshields are the only ones that are worth investing into and some car insurers also include clauses into their policies that require car owners to replace shattered windshields with OEM parts, other experts argue that aftermarket windshields can offer the same quality, but for a much lower price.

New or Used

Windshields are available not only from car part shops, but from junk yards as well. If you are lucky, you can find a used windshield in perfect condition in the nearby car junk yard for the fraction of the price of a new windshield.  For new, it’s recommended you visit a auto glass Thornton shop for best quality.

Front or Rear

The replacement of front windshields usually costs more than the replacement of the windshields in the rear. While both windshields are essential for the safety of the car, the shields for the rear of the car are cheaper because usually they are less complex than the ones in the front (sensors, radars and other advanced features are integrated into the front shield in most cars).

Windshield Wiper Replacement

Complete windshield replacement usually involves the replacement of the wiper as well, what’s more, in some cases, the motor that moves the wipers also needs to be replaced. The price of windshield wipers varies widely and wipers can be very different in terms of quality, performance and durability as well, all these aspects influencing the overall costs of getting the windshield replaced.

The Type and Make of the Car

Windshield prices also vary by the brand and make of the vehicles they can be installed on. While in the case of simple, standard vehicles that are no longer new, but not very old either, the replacement of the windshield will usually cost between 100 and 400 dollars, to which the labor costs will add another 200-230 dollars, in the case of high-end luxury cars and vintage, collection cars can easily jump to over a thousand and labor-related expenses are also higher.