What Are the Top 5 Benefits of Wild Game Meat?

The benefits of wild game meat are often overlooked by people who aren’t actively engaged in hunting practices. However, nowadays you can order high quality game meat online, so the possibilities are far greater than they used to be.

But why should you even consider this potentially costly option? Although game meat is typically more expensive than what you’d normally spend on chicken or beef, it also has a more unique and distinctive flavor. But according to many experts, by choosing your game wisely, you will not only make sure your taste buds receive the most refined flavor out there. You’ll also enjoy better health!

Wild Game vs. Domesticated Animals – Health & Nutrition Benefits

venison steak on a cutting boardUnlike in the case of domesticated animals, the benefits of wild game meat stretch far beyond the possibility of using more unique recipes and seasonings. Their health benefits are particularly notable, as these meats will give you a good dose of nutrients, and also retain some of the qualities you can no longer get from most farm animals:

  1. Wild game meat is leaner. This is probably the most obvious advantage we can speak of. Since wild animals tend to run and hunt a lot more than your typical chicken or pig, they build denser, stronger muscles.
  2. You get a better balance of Omega fatty acids. Unlike most domesticated animals, wild game isn’t constantly fed corn and grain, so their level of Omega-6 fatty acids (which have been linked to causing inflammation) is far reduced. On the other hand, you get a higher dose of the healthier Omega-3 fatty acids, which can primarily be gained from consuming venison.
  3. Wild game contains no added hormones. You’ve probably already read about the horror stories associated with hormone-laden meats, which have a particularly negative influence on young children. To avoid this problem, opt for game meat, and combined it with organic dairy from pasture-raised animals.
  4. If you’re anemic, game meat can definitely help you. Alligator, venison and deer have a high concentration of iron, so you can get a good dose without eating too much. Most types of game meet also have excellent zinc content, which is an asset when it comes to boosting digestion and immune system function.
  5. Finally, a lesser known advantage of consuming game meat on a regular basis is the addition to your diet of a good dose of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). This is a type of dietary fat that has been known to help with weight loss and even prevent cancer.

Lower Risk of Illness and Contamination

Now, with all the filler ingredients and chemicals fed to regular farm animals, it’s easy to see how consuming their meat on a regular basis can make you sick. With most types of game meat, on the other hand, you don’t have to worry about that problem.

Game meat contains none of the pink slime introduced as an additive to domesticated foods for the purpose of killing E. coli bacteria. Pink slime can present high levels of toxicity when used on a long term basis. Moreover, you run a lower risk of getting infected with any type of foodborne illness that is commonly associated with animals slaughtered and prepared in a processing plant.

The benefits of wild game are clear, so if you really want to avoid health problems, consider these far superior meat choices.